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La condivisione dei successi, il senso della squadra nella pratica agonistica, la competizione rispettosa dei compagni e degli avversari, sono alcuni dei principi essenziali del marchio Diadora.
In the era of the digital age new trends are emerging every day. Therefore the founders of Axel Arigato wanted to create a new brand that was adapted to this era.
2star è il marchio Italiano in continua evoluzione attento ad ogni sfumatura di stile . L’inesauribile Varietà di colori e modelli sono l’espressione del continuo fermento creativo del brand dal respiro internazionale.
Beyene is a contemporary footwear brand based in Stockholm that aims to produce shoes that combine superior craftsmanship with timeless aesthetics.Our passion is to create shoes that will make a lasting impression
OAS is a concept that was born to reflect the lifestyle on the shores of the Mediterranean. The first seeds of the concept were sown when the brand's founder received numerous inquiries about his espadrilles after the annual trip to Torredembarra, Barcelona.
Clayton® è un brand di total look uomo il cui manifesto, Democratic Luxury®, non è solo un claim ma un un’idea, una visione, un progetto: offrire un prodotto smart e low-cost, costruito con grande attenzione alla qualità e al design e con una chiara vocazione internazionale...
We were tired of the traditional retail experience and decided to strike out on our own. So we packed our bags and flew to Italy with one goal in mind: stylish, comfortable shoes made from the highest quality materials we could find, delivered straight to you. Mission accomplished.
Presidentials is a Dutch shoelabel. Established in 2014 and based in Amsterdam. A company with one simple goal; making luxury footwear accessible for everyone.
Créée en 2015, WOS - Walk on Scales est une marque inspirée de la vie quotidienne. La réalisation d'un projet associant design et confort. Notre semelle est un modèle unique breveté.
Although the Jim Rickey crew is now know as the architects of one of the most vibrant brand in high-quality footwear and accessories, their beginnings were much more humble. Its members originally began to work together as sales reps for other brands in the sneaker industry. Eventually, their friend





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