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ZINVO was born when a Swiss-American enthusiast spotted the increasing monotony of the contemporary watch market. The aforementioned enthusiast took a very close look at automatic designer watches, realising that they all have very similar aesthetic.


Inspired by the fast progress and constant movement of mechanical watch design, ZINVO’s inventor created the turbine that never stops - and its name became ZINVO Blade.


The Swiss Founder started from an online store, selling his fresh and unique ZINVO Blades. His ultimate idea was to give the watches character; this was the premise behind the creation of the ZINVO One and its unique carbon frame. Top of the list design-wise was putting strong emphasis on watches with character and style.


ZINVO's founder wanted to grow and deliver ZINVO mens watches on an international scale. ZINVO Europe established a partnership alongside a ZINVO Blade fan; this new partnership focused its enthusiasm on sharing ZINVO's belief in beautiful, high-design watches with character and soul.

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