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Born of innovation, carved from necessity; Calister watches are made for today’s discerning men and women who have adventure in their hearts and romance in their eyes. We believe in creating watches that combine beauty, rugged capabilities and advanced technology to come up with the world’s greatest timepieces.
From the high-desert mountains, to the streets of New York, London and Tokyo, our timepieces have an inexplicable way of saying that you’ve made it.

Outstanding DESIGN

Blurring the lines between elegant design and innovative functionality, Calister is at the forefront of modern watch design. Our attention to detail shows in every watch we make as we take the design and creation process to a higher, more luxurious level. From the sophisticated lady, to today’s contemporary man, Calister has a model for everyone. Straight from our artisans’ workshop, to your wrist and around the world, choose a timepiece that showcases your style.
Our hand-crafted, beautiful watches don’t just make a good first impression, they make a lasting one. The watch one wears says a lot about who they are.


Our timepieces offer more than what meets the eye. On the outside, they feature a timeless design that showcases an elegance and sophistication normally reserved only for people of prowess and power. But underneath, you will find some of the most advanced Automatic and Quartz movements ever produced. We hand select the internal movements to ensure that every timepiece we produce meets our high standards of quality and excellence. When you strap one of our watches on your wrist, you will instantly feel the quality and integrity that we build into every model.

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